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At the outset I welcome the students to our college. The students have joined here with hope to become a good engineer in their selected branches. Despite having highly qualified faculty memebers and high end infrastructure, Delhi Instute of Technology, Management and Research is always promoting. The quality Factors considerd to sustain and grow as a top-ranking instution are: faculty, programs, infastructure, continuing education system, consultancy and research. I on behalf of the Management and the faculty assure that will extand all the help and facilities required for successfull completion of your studies. But this alone will not ensure a good product. The key element i.e. the student has to do more then what we provide. we can observe that all the top persons, irrespective of fild of achievements rose to the level of international figures just by hard work and positive attitude.

Engineering education enhances logical thinking and analytical ability of an individual. it is ability to learn which is given more emphasis by corporate world sometimes then the already acquired knowledge. Communication skills must be excellent. Individual has to become effective apart from remaining efficient. I wish you all the best for entering into engineering career.


Dr. Bharat Chede

  • Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering) Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya
  • M.E. (Prooduction Engineering) (Mechanical Engineering) Shivaji University
  • B.E. (Amravti University)
  • Fellow of World Academy of Science, Engineering & Technology (WASET)